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We are a generation of wealth creators awarded for the selfless and generous acts of kindness, and the continuous participation in purposefully enriching those within The Million Dollar Club.

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As a member you’ll have access to an exclusive, vetted and safe family based community of high level thinkers and doers; the 1% of the population who are the dreamers of the world with big goals and visions. The ones who see things differently.


‘Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much’ – Helen Keller

All members of the Million Dollar Club live by the principles of The Art of Giving. The MDC Round Table meetings will inspire you to take decisive actions and achieve your highest potential so you can take your greatest work into the world.

By giving more of ourselves, we grow.


It is our privilege to have you here. We sustain The Million Dollar Club family values, and guarding the privacy of our members is our priority. You can become an MDC member after assessment of your application and a private interview.

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  1. I will be invited for a 30 minute interview after assessment.
  2. I will be respectful of everyone’s time.
  3. There are annual membership dues.
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