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Sometimes you meet people that have such an amount of realness to them that it elevates a simple conversation into one that impacts whomever listens to it. My interview with Khan Yousiph was inspired and enormously energizing, and we talked for a whole hour after we stopped recording. We discussed what success means to him, what that looks like in his life and what he did to achieve his goal of becoming a millionaire before his 30th birthday! Here are some of the highlights and nuggets of wisdom from my interview with Mr. Khan Yousiph. 

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Monique Gajadhar for The Million Dollar Club.


  • ‘I did it anyway. I figured if it was good enough for all of the luminaries mentioned in the book then it was good enough for me, even though I didn’t understand why I was doing it.’
  • ‘You just need to want something strongly enough to put up with the discomfort, and in 18 months I went from lying on my back with blood rushing to my head to getting my black belt.’
  • ‘Becoming a millionaire by thirty seemed the way where I could just escape the gravity so to speak of that situation and put myself into a slightly different orbit.’
  • ‘I knew it was going to happen. Some way the cards were gonna fall and I figured I positioned myself reasonably enough that if opportunity did come my way, I could take advantage of it. And opportunity did come my way.’
  • ‘You do need an element of luck. It’s not something that you can will yourself to do so you play probabilities as best you can. I studied subjects which I thought would give me the maximum likelihood of reaching my goal.’
  • ‘Other things can wait. The thing is if you end up achieving your financial targets and you can buy yourself the time that everybody else is using to pay of their mortgages when they’re 50 and you don’t need to do that anymore then you can move to Europe and learn languages or take up all of the other things I took up.’  
  • ‘Ultimately, you’re trying to find your own meaning, fulfillment and understanding of how things work on the deepest of levels. The definition of success is basically to really try to maximize as much as you can, given the abilities you have in order to achieve that understanding. A caveat to that is that you do it in a way which will help other people along their journeys.’ 
  • ‘I don’t think it is very helpful getting into a competitive zero-sum mindset where you want to achieve something at someone else’s expense.’
  • ‘You need to become a person who is larger than the person you currently are.’