Give Back

Giving back starts with you. By investing in your own dreams, you can also help create meaningful change in someone else’s life. Because with every investment that you make, you are giving back.

5% of everything that we make is placed in a bucket, and at the end of each month The Million Dollar Club gives it away by allowing you or a fellow member to trade MDC coins in for items and products on the MDC shopping list.

Some of the things on the MDC shopping list:

  • Merchandise (caps, books by other members and coaches, chocolate, etc.)
  • 50% discount on masterclasses
  • 50% discount on events, seminars and other first-rate products
  • Meet and greet with coaches and thought leaders
  • Donate your coins to one of our charitable projects


When you are a member of The Million Dollar Club, you can start earning coins by:

  • Posting* a personal inspirational video 5 MDC COINS
  • Posting a video testimonial about 5 MDC COINS
  • Posting an inspirational story or article (min. of 200 characters) 2 MDC COINS
  • Posting a personal quote 1 MDC COIN
  • Comment or feedback on member’s posts (min. 50 characters) 1 MDC COIN
  • Comment or feedback on MDC posts or articles (min. 50 characters) 2 MDC COINS

*Whatever is posted and shared online and within The Million Dollar Club community must be in line with our company policy and guide lines. We support, empower and inspire and invite you to join us. 


Because we know what it is like to start from scratch, with virtually no experience, knowledge and financial resources, we have set up The MDC FUND. With this fund we support (starting) entrepreneurs with developing and growing their businesses.

Every year, 3 deserving entrepreneurs will be chosen by a panel of successful entrepreneurs and financial business experts, and have the chance to acquire $10.000, $25.000 or $50.000 in funding for their projects.

Through your contributions you help us employ our platform, community and profits for more good. Giving back is one of the 5 pillars that The Million Dollar Club is built on. A two-way street of small & big tokens creating significant change.

When you invest in The Million Dollar Club to change your life, you really are changing the world.