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What it means to be a member of The Million Dollar Club
The Million Dollar Club is a vibrant community where you work on achieving whatever you want in life: financially, physically or spiritually. You’re going to be connected to positive, likeminded people from all around the world on the same journey to massive success.
Grab this magnificent opportunity to learn from skilled professionals how to reach and stay in the Million Dollar mindset. Earn your certification and live like you deserve.

1. Mindset
The MDC is an empowering environment where you’re surrounded with like-minded people and million dollar strategies. We feed you with inspirational content and update you about the happenings within the million dollar mindset community.
2. Mastermind
Together with your fellow MDC members you form a magnificent mastermind. Make your lonely days as an entrepreneur a thing of the past. Plug into our mastermind and employ it. 24/7/365. 
3. Masterclass
Our powerful, practical and proven Masterclass courses are a priceless benefit of your MDC membership. Learn from worldwide experts and skilled professionals to recognize, obtain and master wealth. 
4. Network
Success is not a lonely path, network always wins. Thanks to the network functionality, you will find likeminded partners on a global level to achieve your goals. And above all: people you can trust.
What top experts have to say ...
Creating wealth comes from one thing... a decision to do it. If you listen and take action on what you learn from the experts inside The Million Dollar Club, you will be well on your way.
Bob Proctor
Thought Leader and Teacher in The Secret
Being a millionaire brings benefits far beyond riches... listen to what Dave has to share with you, and do what he says.
Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author aka "The Millionaire Author Mentor"
What Dave is about to show you includes the steps I took to become the #1 Headshot Photographer in the World.
Listen up.
Peter Hurley
#1 Best-Selling Author,
Photographer, Educator, Speaker
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