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The Epic System
One very important ingredient of success is the ability to communicate effectively, whether one on one or to thousands of people from stage and on the Internet. Inside this Master Class, International Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker Coach Colleen Aynn will show you why your voice matters, and explain how to leverage her E.P.I.C. system for becoming a pro at sharing your message in a truly “EPIC” way.
Taking Presenting from Good to World Class
‘If we’re going to be good, then be great, and if we’re going to be great then might as well be World Class.

After focusing on goals for years in the TV industry I realized it wasn’t the destination at all that I should have been focusing on; instead it was the person I needed to be to invite that goal into my life. So I shifted my understanding to what made ‘World Class’

Andrew Eggelton will take us on the journey of a World Class Presenter by understanding what that looks like, how to accelerate the process every single day so we’re never standing still and take luck out of the equation on the way to living an extraordinary life.

Andrew will share his own unique style of Presenting, build from 25 years in the Film and TV business which is based on stripping down to the essence of each individual, so it’s congruent with who you are, effortless, highly engaging and not a technical copy book of most other Presenters.
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Unlock the secrets to success
In this Masterclass, Author of the 2018 book: Think and Grow Rich - The Legacy and Co-executive producer of the Think And Grow Rich film, James Whittaker will teach you how to implement a proven set of success principles that elevates ordinary people to extraordinary achievement.
The 13 Virtues For A Better Life
What are the 13 virtues of success? In this powerful masterclass, Serge Gautron, Author of "Franklin's Way - 13 Virtues For A Better Life" teaches how you can apply Benjamin Franklin's knowledge and 13 virtues to your life which will result in successes you never thought were even imaginable.
Unlocking The Mysteries of Napoleon Hill’s Masterpiece
In this class we will discover 13 effective success principles that will give you the ability, when implemented, to achieve your goals and live the life that you truly want to live. These principles are a result of a 25-year study of some of the most successful and influential people of our time. Napoleon Hill spent his life interviewing and observing the habits and mindsets of people such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and many more to discover the secrets to their success. These same principles are still implemented today by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lady Gaga, Connor McGregor, and Cristiano Ronaldo, just to name a few, whether they realize it or not. Some people automatically have some of these principles already installed in them and some of us have to learn them. This class will simplify each principle, so you can learn and implement them into your life right away. As a result, you could be a reigning member of the Million Dollar Club, living your life how you truly want to live.
Alan Stevens
The Science and Art of Reading People
In this Masterclass, international communication and profiling specialist Alan Stevens teaches us how to harness the power of reading people to persuade and influence behaviours and outcomes.
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