People are afraid of change. People are afraid of trying something new. People are afraid to walk out of line and bdifferent.


Because it means that they’re going to have to be or do something that no one has done before. And that really can be scary. It’s the stuff that paralyzes us, stops us dead in our tracks, and keeps us from reaching our full potential. But you know what? We wouldn’t be human if setting out for new experiences wouldn’t scare us. Change is part of life and it is needed for growth and development.

We’ve all heard at one point or another that thinking outside of the box is what we all should be doing. But that is easier said than done right? And what in the world does that even mean? And why would being different ever be good for your business and career? 

This is why. 

Thinking outside of the box means that you are willing to try something new. That you have an open mind when it comes to finding alternate solutions and methods for reaching your desired outcome. To state it simpler, you want to get from A to B, and the road often traveled is not necessarily the road you want or need to travel yourself. You actually want to try something else because you are determined to get to where you want to be. Whatever comes your way 

And that is the part that separates the leaders and the truly successful from the mediocre and the herd. Thinking differently is powerful and can have a tremendously positive effect on your career. As an entrepreneur, thinking outside of the box can help you get ahead and this is why we at the Million Dollar Club are huge fans of the dare devils and the go-getters. To us they are the dreamers. And the dreamers change the world. 

We have listed 6 awesome reasons why thinking outside of the box is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.  

Questioning the status quo is a good thing.
If we do what our next-door neighbour says, what the community dictates and what the world expects us to do, then nothing would change. We would still live in caves, clubbing mammals to death and run for our lives when lightning strikes. If we had just accepted things the way they were, then there would never have been any innovation or improvement in the world.  

Can you imagine what our world would’ve been like if all the great things that our great inventors brought into this world, by, and we kid you not, thousands and thousands of trial and errors and failures to only try again until they did succeed, wouldn’t exist? It would’ve been dire and dark.  

We wouldn’t have light bulbs to switch on whenever we’d feel like it. We wouldn’t travel through the sky, on land and by car to literally be on the other side of the planet within 24 hours. We would die younger, be sicker, have less than comfortable apparel to wear, deliver babies without anesthetics, and have appendices removed fully conscious.  

People that allow new ideas to come in and who also act on those divine ideas, do so for the improvement of all mankind. If one would view things as unchangeable, then nothing would ever change for the better. By thinking outside the box and questioning what is, questioning the status quo, you’ll constantly be considering how to improve an experience, product or service.  

This open-mindedness keeps one growing. This leads to more knowledgeable and intelligent forward thinking in life.  

Greater perspective.
Those who look into the world with an open heart and an open mind tend to see things more clearly and have a sense of clear direction. The world can become inert when you’re close-minded.  

When peoplare open to alternative points of view and ways of doing things, they are more open to actual progress. They do not hold back and invite in new and usually better, more effective solutions.  

Thinking outside the box expands your worldview, allowing you to have greater perspective on the events and happenings in both career and life. You won’t be limited and the possibilities are really endless.   

Higher-quality work.
A while ago someone most intelligently decided to ‘grant’ employees the chance to work from home. They believed that allowing their coworkers to have a more flexible and more personalized work-hour schedule, would contribute and result in improved productivity, happier and healthy personel. 

Not everyone jumped on that progressive train right away, but the companies that did decide to try out a new company culture approach, showed quick signs of better results and growing profits. 

It would have been easy to dismiss this as a waste of money and a threat to the company’s bottom line. However, they understood that in the long run offering benefits and perks to employees not only strengthens a company numbers wise but also sets a standard of kindness and generosity. People stay, are committed and loyal, more creative and productive, and happy and healthy.  

By thinking outside the box, one ultimately gets a better caliber of employee and work. It is well worth the expenditure, and what you give you will get back a thousand-fold 

More creative problem-solving.
When you think outside of the box you create a basis for new potentials and new ideas and opportunities to come to fruition. When you’re thinking in the box as opposed to outside of it, your growth, both personal and professional can be stunted.  

You have to remember that when there are a finite number of ways to do things, it also means that there is a limit to what you can achieve. When you allow for any and every possible solution to come your waywhen you trust the process, you may come up with more creative ways to solve problems and even find groundbreaking and original solutions. 

Think about Netflix as an alternative to the standard video store template with rentals and late fees. Or Airbnb, who with their revolutionary ideas disrupted the hotel industry and completely changed the world with it, setting an example for many businesses to think along those endless vista lines. Just thinking about this makes our entrepreneurial MDC hearts skip a beat. What could happen for your business and in your life if you could come up with creative solutions and think outside the box?  

Ask yourself that question and watch your life unfold in exciting new ways when you answer those calls of being anything but mediocre.  

It helps you stand out.
Obviously, we at The Million Dollar Club have a soft spot for dreamers and for people who are not afraid to stand apart by following their life’s call. Why would you even want to be a number on an endless list when you know you were born to stand out? When you approach your business and career from an out-of-the-box perspective, you are in essence giving yourself a chance to be different and pioneer.  

The ability to think outside the box can be an asset to you as an individual or as a business. Professional leaders and pioneering companies know this very well. Remember Apple’s key principle“Think different.” 

We say, don’t be afraid to think different. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to honour your truth and choose different, however alien it might seem to the rest of the world. Your ‘difference’ will put many eyes on you but it will also separate you from competitors and help you stand out in an authentic way. 

Thinking outside of the box is one of the best things you can do for yourself, because you are honouring what pulls you from within. Authenticity lasts, and will make you an original. 

Stay adaptable.
Whether you’re a teacher, a designer, or the owner of a catering business, one thing is certain, nothing stays the same. Especially in these times where technology, people’s personal tastes and all sorts of different factors are constantly evolving and changing, you will need to be on top of your flexibility game to stay relevant.  

For example, as a teacher, one has to keep evolving to remain significant and up to date for danger of becoming a dinosaur in your field. Things change so rapidly these days and thinking outside of the box, or thinking with the ever changing world will help you stay adaptable.  

Your mind won’t be closed off to new ideas, solutions or situations, and therefore you’ll be better able to navigate through the dynamic landscape of business. 

In closing…
Every single one of us has a different world view. And we are all influenced by our environment, our upbringing, our genetic imprints and then the thoughts we come up with ourselves. The world can be a cruel place and there isn’t much room for individuality and the personal characteristics that set us apart…at least that is what the world will be to you if you do choose to conform.  

On one hand, we are told to feel good about who we are and be ourselves. On the other hand, when we find the courage to do exactly that, we are more than often told to ‘take it easy’ and conform. These contradicting messages can make it difficult for people to follow their hearts and trust their intuition, because it might result in people criticizing you and upset people. But we are not concerned with what other people think. We care about others, but it shouldn’t make a difference when choosing your path. The most successful people in the world have one thing in commontheir willingness to think outside the box without concern for what others think. 

We need more of those. We need the crazy ones and the black sheep. Not because they will lead us to a changed world, but because they will introduce us to entire new ones.  


The MDC Team.